The Sierra Nevada del Cocuy in Colombia is a hikers dream. It comprises a total area of 306,000 hectares (756,000+ acres) and is located near the border of Venezuela shared by the departments of Boyaca, Casanare and Arauca. This remote corner of Colombia stretches for more than 18 miles and boasts 23 snow covered peaks surrounded by waterfalls, glacial lakes and streams, highland vegetation, moors, rocky outscapes and valleys as well as native fauna that includes such animals as the spectacled bear, tapirs, eagles, Andean Condors and deer. Colombia has 56 national parks in all, but the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy stands out as one of the most rugged and pristine destinations in the entire country, attracting more and more visitors each year as the word gets out about this premier travel destination.

There are many similarities to other great national parks including Yellowstone and Glacier National Park

The desolate territory of the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy is made up of a neotropical ecosystem known as a páramo. Most páramo is found in the upper parts of the northern Andes, roughly between 11° north and 4.5° south latitude. In fact, more than 57% of all páramo exists in Colombia with the largest in the world known as Sumapaz existing  just outside of Bogota. The highest peak is known as Ritacuba Blanco. It is 17,487 feet and is located in the eastern section of the park. Other mountain peaks in the park include Ritacuba Negro, Puntiagudo, Sirara, Cóncavo, San Pablines Norte, San Pablines Sur, Pan de Azúcar, Concavito, El Púlpito del Diablo, El Castillo, Picos sin nombre, Picacho, Diamante, Toti and Portales. The Sierra Nevada del Cocuy has the largest glacier coverage in Colombia and contains the largest snow-mass in South America north of Ecuador. This snow-mass makes up approximately 3% of the 756,000 acres.

How to get to the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy in Colombia

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From Bogota, you will need to travel north on the Autopista Norte (North Highway) until you reach the town of Duitama located in the department of Boyacá 240 kilometers away. From there you will continue to travel north toward the towns of Santa Rosa de Viterbo, Cerinza, Belén, Susacón, and Soatá.

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Jardin, Colombia | Garden of Eden

The small town of Jardin is one of the most beautiful pueblos in all of Colombia and has remained virtually unchanged for more than a century. Located approximately 4 hours to the south of Medellin if traveling by car, it sits in the southernmost stretches of the department of Antioquia. The pueblo is famous in Colombia for its preserved and colonial appearance as well as […]

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Medical tourism in Colombia is emerging as a premier location for many people seeking quality and affordable medical options outside of the USA, Europe and other industrialized nations across the world. Representatives from medical institutions from all over the country are currently in Los Angeles, California attending a major health conference to promote their trade. Organized by the World Medical Tourism Association, the conference will […]

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Cabo de La Vela remains off the beaten path for travelers who visit Colombia. This desert paradise is located in the La Guajira peninsula of Northern Colombia and requires a two hour drive on dirt roads after exiting the main highway. There are many reasons why this emerging eco-tourism destination is not on the priority list for most tourists who visit Colombia, but for those […]

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The Hotel Mariscal Robledo is located just an hour to the west of Medellin, Colombia. It can be discovered in a town which appears to be frozen in time as it preserves its colonial architecture the same today as it did 200 years ago. Santa Fe de Antioquia is a popular tourism spot for the citizens of Medellin as well as foreigners who wish to […]

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If you want to experience some of Colombia’s best tourism spots in Valle de Cauca, Quindio & Risaralda, then there is nothing like the tour that has been designed by award winning tourism expert Belisario Montes Marin. Beginning September 14, her new tourism operation will open its doors in the suburb of El Poblado in Medellin, Colombia. The idea is to promote tourism exchange between […]

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Located on the eastern plains of Colombia exists a legendary flower that may have substantial commercial value one day. Puerto Inirida is the capital of the department of Guainia and is home to the Guacamaya superba, otherwise known in Colombia as the Flower of Inirida. Resembling a burst of fireworks, this amazingly beautiful flower grows in damp and swampy wetlands that are unique to this general […]

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Cartagena Medical City, which began construction two months ago in northern Cartagena, Colombia will be a medical complex dedicated to high quality health services. Cartagena Medical City will sit on 55 acres (22 hectares) that has been declared a permanent free zone by import/export taxing authority known as DIAN in Colombia. Colombia has seen a dramatic rise in tourism since 2002 when security conditions began […]

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